Sigh. Welp, apparently you can’t do anything the easy way anymore. Here I am taking my time making wallpapers for the benefit of humanity and someone goes and starts hotlinking my pictures without even crediting Nowai for the images. Bad juju, people. If this becomes a more rampant problem than it is currently, rather than renaming the image file so that the hotlinked image shows as a broken image, I will start to replace them with some really nasty images. And then, those vile images will start to show up in the hotlinked images place on the offending blog, forum, wherever it is hotlinked.

This will be my only warning for hotlinkers, thieves, etc… stop doing it.

End transmission.

3 Responses to “Hotlinking”

  1. bblackmoor Says:

    I sympathize with your hotlinking problem. Check this out, maybe it will help:

  2. zeus Says:

    there are many ways to stop it with .htaccess as a example, i know its a pain got a large wallpaper site myself

  3. The Wizard Molotarg Says:

    Thanks for the tips. I don’t believe I can implement any of them as the free WordPress service doesn’t allow much “behind the scenes” control.

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